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Van-Lam Trinh


Van-Lam Trinh was born on the 07.11.1997 in Wuppertal (Germany). She is studying culture studies with fine arts and media since 2017 in Hildesheim (Germany). She is new in the performing arts and attended on workshops by Helge Meyer, Jürgen Fritz, Étienne Boulanger and Julie Andrée T. She also performed public on "Equinox to Equinox" in Hannover (Germany) organised by Ilka Ilka Theurich and "Die Fuge" in Hildesheim (Germany). In her performances she is focusing on the struggles of her life. This includes violence, neglect and self-neglect and difficulties with personal relations. But she tries also to make sexism, racism and classicm a subject of discussion. Her goal is to expose her inner self in a aesthetic way.

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