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Jacqueline van de Geer

Born in the Netherlands in 1958 in Rotterdam, and immigrated in 2005 to Canada, Jacqueline van de Geer masters both a degree in Visual and Performance Art. In her work, she likes to challenge herself and her audience in a non invasive way. Jacqueline aims to create a space in which the participants are invited to open up to a collective experience,to share,to exchange, to be touched and to feel free to speak out. Intimacy and re- connection are the key words in her work. This happens in various settings, such as a gallery, a hotel-room, a closed corner of a hall, a tent or a performance space in the open air. The goal is to transform the distance between artist and spectator into an encounter where the distance will be finally resolved entirely. Offering possibilities for participation with her audience keeps the work on a fresh, alive level, which invites both parties to be real and in the moment. She is thrilled to be part of the Montreal eclectic arts community, who generously welcomed her since her big move across the Atlantic.

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